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Wooden Board



As a newer company, our reputation lives and dies with each product that we deliver. We are also not able to work this business 100% of the time yet (We have day Jobs). As a result of the previous two statements, we will not be able to provide the instant gratification that you would get by ordering a pre-packaged product from Amazon or a bog box retailer. Instead, your project will be hade made and maybe even custom designed based on your needs so once you do wait for it and receive it. your satisfaction is guaranteed by us and we know that you will love it and come back and visit us to order something else!


We are the Cannon Family of Lake Mary FL! An entrepreneurial spirit lives within us. As a result of a continuously curious, problem-solving, mindset we have spread our wings to expand our knowledge base beyond our day jobs in order to have hobbies, and now side businesses, that are aligned with our passions. My wife, Dominique, takes the lead with while I take the lead on this business. Then we help each other, and our son Austin and his fiance Emily come together to help us from time to time, with either business.

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